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Windows and doors are not enough to enjoy the comfort and functionality of your home. See the full range of window accessories available at avante and choose the ones that are most suitable for you.


Window hardware is an element that affects a lot of functionality. In avante windows we install only the highest quality solutions, tailored to the requirements and needs of users, such as. Roto Designo, or concealed hinges, are mounted inside the window frame. The large opening angle allows full access to the window and does not obscure the view to the outside. With a gasket routed around the entire perimeter of the sash, a window with no visible hinges is a reduction in energy loss by approx. 10%.


Handles are an element whose design has a considerable impact on the appearance of the entire window or door. We offer a wide range of handles in styles and colors to match your glazing. We also offer solutions with Secustik function, i.e. handles equipped with a mechanism that locks the rotation of the handle and with a key lock. We only install handles and hardware from reputable manufacturers such as Hoppe and Roto in our windows and doors.


Ventilators are elements that bring outside air into a room. They play an extremely important role in the proper circulation of air inside the building, while helping to reduce excessive humidity.

Hygroregulated ventilators – controlled automatically.Nawiewniki higrosterowane – sterowane automatycznie. The air flow rate depends on the water vapor content (relative humidity) inside the room. The control sensor is a polyamide tape, which changes its length under the influence of changes in relative humidity in the air, which causes the damper to open more or less, thus bringing more or less airflow into the room.


The glazing is the largest surface of the window, so its insulation is crucial both in terms of energy efficiency and acoustic comfort, which is most important in buildings where heavy traffic and generated ambient noise disturb users.
The use of special insulating glazing units significantly raises the standard of the building. We also offer laminated glass, which provides a secure partition that makes it difficult to break in by breaking the glass.

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