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The garage doors available in our offer are state-of-the-art technological solutions. The comfort of use and the reliability of all mechanical and electrical components make it an excellent choice that you will enjoy for many years.

why segmental gates?

An unquestionable advantage of sectional gates is their construction based on interconnected panels, which fold smoothly under the garage ceiling when opening, virtually unlimited space inside. This makes them more functional and allows even taller cars to use the entrance without collisions.

All the gates we offer are available in rich colors consistent with the window systems.


Controls are an integral part of the modern gate. The products we offer are equipped as standard with electric drives and innovative sensors that allow safe entry and exit from the garage, by constantly monitoring whether an obstacle is encountered within the movement. This prevents, among other things. Damage to the car’s body. In addition, the gate control can be configured with a SmartHome-type system, managed through a mobile app, and connected to a backup battery, activated during a possible power outage.

perfect thermal insulation

Doors with high-insulation panels (filled with polyurethane foam insulation) perfectly protect the garage from changing temperatures, which is important especially when   the garage is located in the body of a residential building.

All our garage doors are tested and certified according to the high requirements of the European standard PN-EN 13241-1.

sliding systems

Open architecture and the comfort of a space full of light in close proximity to the garden and terrace – these are the advantages that speak for the use of sliding door systems in your home.

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