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external blinds

external blinds

Windows equipped with roller shutters not only provide privacy and a sense of intimacy, but also provide a very good protection against excessive heating of the rooms in summer and cooling in winter. Depending on the installation possibilities and personal preferences, you can choose from our range of overhead, flush-mounted, as well as adaptive roller shutters.

excellent insulation

Overhead roller shutters are the warmest solution, the shutter box is mounted on the window frame and embedded in the wall with it. In connection with such a structure, the use of this type of roller shutter should be provided for at the stage of building design, since it requires enlarging the dimensions of the window opening by the height of the roller shutter box.

within the insulation layer

Flush-mounted roller shutters are also invisible on the facade, but have a completely different design. The roller shutter box is mounted in front of the window, to the wall structure. Their installation should also be anticipated during the design of the building, as they require the use of an “L” type lintel. The box of the flush-mounted roller shutter is equipped with a special insulation layer so as not to generate thermal bridges.

Tailored to thermal capabilities.

Mounted on the finished wall of the building, that is, on the plaster, adaptive roller blinds are possible in virtually any case. Replaced windows or their replacement are not a problem. Roller shutter boxes are installed on an insulated facade, so they do not reduce the insulation of the partition. Easy access to the inside of the box in case of service is possible through an inspection hatch on the outside of the building.

to color, to choose

All the blinds we offer, regardless of the type of installation, are available in a wide range of colors and designs. The roller shutter armors and guides are matched to the color range of the window systems, so that they form a coherent and aesthetic whole.

Roller shutters can also be equipped with electric drives and coupled with SmartHome smart controls.

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